Klein Fortuin is best known for his comedic style of Afrikaans rap and super-energetic live performances. He has been performing and releasing music independently for years and the name Klein Fortuin is becoming a force to be reckoned with all over Cape Town, predominantly on the Cape Town Park Jam circuit.

After performing live on radio, on the well-known Ready D Show Live Cypher Session (Good Hope FM) in 2011, Klein Fortuin became sure that Afrikaans Rap and Hip hop is his calling.
Klein Fortuin is inspired through what he experiences on a day to day basis in his environment and the circumstances of the people in his neighbourhood. He integrates daily life in Mitchell’s Plain virtually into all his songs, while adding his personal touch. Klein Fortuin is no one-trick pony. He does conscious Hip hop, Hard Core battle rap, Comedic light-hearted songs as well as head-bobbing Club Bangers, in both Afrikaans and English.

Klein Fortuin prides himself in being a multifaceted artist and a formidable performer.

1. How and when did Klein Fortuin start out?

I started rapping in 2007. It was sparked by a group project we were given in school, where we had to write an English song in Afrikaans and perform it. From that day my hunger for Afrikaans grew. In 2009, I was given the opportunity to rap on Goodhope FM's Ready D Show Cypher Session and that is when I knew, Hip hop is what I want to do.

2. Was rapping always a lifelong dream for you?

Yes, from the time I experienced Rapping myself, it’s been my lifelong dream. My parents may have different plans for me, but this has always been my dream, doing what I love most.

3. Do you create your own beats and lyrics?

I am an emcee, so I don’t create my own beats, but I do get blessed with dope beats from some of Cape Town’s hottest producers. Like any self respecting emcee from Cape Town, I write my own lyrics, here we pride ourselves in originality.

4. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired by MY daily life, MY surroundings and the real life events that I experience.

5. Have you done any performances outside Cape Town or even SA?

I performed at the Vredendal Matsi Fees, I haven’t performed outside of South Africa yet.

6. Any local artist you have performed with thus far? If not, then who would you like to collaborate with?

I performed with 2 groups, Bakgat Boys and Broederbond.  I would really like to collaborate with: Early B, Youngsta CPT, Nico10long, Linkris the Genius (We recently recorded a song titled “Lewe Kyk” which will be released later), and J Dubz.

7. Are there any international rap acts you’d like to perform with someday?

I’m currently working on earning respect in the local Hip hop scene, but, if I could choose international acts to perform with, it would be, Akon, Lil Wayne, Common, Ice Cube, Eminem and Young MA.

8. Do you think being ‘Coloured’ has had a positive or negative impact on your career with wanting to make it bigger?

Being coloured has definitely impacted my career in a positive way. By pronouncing certain slang words in a specific way, it has attracted people of different races towards my style of music.

9. Do you believe that the stigma of race in our country is real especially towards ‘Coloured’ people concerning work ethics, career or life in general or is it just plain and simple thing of working hard and you’ll get there?

I believe in nothing but hard work, dedication, self-education and experience, these factors will count in the favour of any individual, no matter the colour of their skin. The negative stigma will always exist in one form or other, but I don’t think it would be a factor in the work place, if you keep your head down, stay focused, don’t get distracted by negativity and have an exit strategy in place if your workplace is just a stepping stone.

10. How do you feel the way ‘Coloured’ people in South Africa especially Cape Town is being treated in the media? And as an artist yourself how would you like to shine the light differently in a positive way for Brown people?

The high crime rates in South Africa are real, and due to the constant focus on negative reporting, people assume nothing good can come from these affected communities. Instead of focusing on using their reach to provide workable solutions the media keeps flooding our communities with negative views. This stigma makes it hard for talented artists to rise from coloured communities, we have to jump through hurdles to make it.

As an artist myself, I choose to promote the positivity in our Cape Town Coloured communities. If social media, the community leaders and those in higher positions can encourage these "Talents", to go further, then it could open up a new path for the next generation.

11. When you create your music, what is the vision for it? What message are you trying to get out there?

The message I bring across when creating my music, is that everyday life can sometimes get you down, but there’s no reason to not smile and look at the situation from a different perspective to overcome it.

12. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I see myself as an established artist in the Cape Flats, still representing the Coloured community on a bigger scale and platform. I see myself giving back to communities in the form of upliftment music. I see myself with Katalis Productions, still delivering entertaining but educational music.

Photography: Pappa Brown Visual

  What next install for Klein Fortuin in 2017?

For 2017, Klein Fortuin will be releasing an EP called Mitchell's Klein. There will be music videos too for of some tracks off the project. I will be featuring with Linkris the genius on a track with a music video to follow. As I cross off these goals for 2017, I add more so what’s in store for Klein Fortuin is a working progress ;)

For now I am focussed on creating quality music and content. And sharpening my image and my skill on a professional level. My management team (Katalis Productions) and I are also looking into options for brand endorsements for my brand, starting with clothing. We also have my foot in the door with some television work but we will reveal more about that later.

I am releasing my first single under the Katalis Productions banner titled “Don’t Koppel That” soon.

See Klein Fortuin's single here