1. When did you first start out as a rapper?

At 14 my friends and I heard there was this recording studio in a hood nearby. So the next
morning we wrote our verses and that afternoon we literally just pitched up at the studio like
“yo, we’re rappers can we record some shit?” Haha.

2. Was rapping something always a passion and career path you wanted to go into?

You know, I actually have 2 tapes that I recorded at 4 years old on a toy radio with a little mic
attached haha, I’d dig to sample something off there now that I think about it! But yes, I was
always very, very into Hip Hop as a young’n – First learning how to dance, then painting, and
then Rap which stuck with me.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from for your music?

Well, I suppose it’s from things that happen around me and general life stuff, but the one thing that
inspires me most is competitiveness. If I ever feel like some homie wrote a better verse than I or got
better crowd reaction or whatever, it completely wrecks my mood and I just go home and sulk to my
girlfriend until I write something cool again haha.

4. When did you have your first live show? What was the experience like?

It was actually dope. I was only 14 I think. It happened mid Saturday on an elevated stage in a township
taxi rank. So yeah, fill up the dome se foot. Haha. No, but really it was just a good experience with no
stage fright or awkward crowds or anything you’d expect from a first gig hey. I never celebrated my first
show as much as I should have. I think I knew there was still a hellova lot more to go…

5. What was the greatest highlight of your rapping career thus far?

Oh man, OPENING FOR JACK PAROW, 100%. Stellenbosch people are crazy dude. And they have mad
love for me and my band “CC Project” now cuz we performed there so often. Shout out stellies! Oh,
opening for Mic Jenkins was also jas but yeah, “you should never meet your idols”, at least not until they
want to meet you too.

6. You’ve shared stages with heavy majors such as YoungstaCpt and Driemanskap just to name
a few. Any other future local acts you’d like to perform/collaborate with?

Most local rappers that I would collaborate with are already in reach actually but with growth and time
it’s gonna be Frank Casino, Youngsta CPT of course, Tyler The Creator, Ghostmane etc, I could go on
forever haha. Last time I saw Youngsta, he actually said he was busy working on the verse for a song I
sent him earlier this year though, but you know, this game is so fast. There’s also a really dope DJ Ready
D collab in the bag that I hope the world gets to hear soon! Also some iJohn, some MasterKiii, some
Boris and KNO3 and so on and on.

7. You’re also lead vocalist of Heavy Metal/Rap band CC Project. How and when did that start

Yes, we were only supposed to be a project for a college assignment actually. It was when the other
students started really liking our sound and live experience that we decided we’d take the band out the
garage, so to speak, so we did a battle of the bands contest and from that we started getting booked for
bigger and bigger gigs. This September we’re performing with The Narrow, which is pretty cool.

8. What projects are you currently busy with?

Visuals, visuals, visuals man. I’ve been working a lot with videographer, Luc Ramsden, for the last few
months. We’re learning so much about the massive significance of visuals in music and how it helps
bring across the right message when I may not have the words to rhyme. And of course new music too,
but that’s an everyday thing. I’m working on some trap sounds at the moment and sort of sussing out
where to slot myself in with the “new wave”. There’s also an alter ego of sorts emerging soon called
“Fuckboy Luyse”, but I can’t talk about that too much yet.

9. Any live performances for fans to catch in and around Cape Town?

Oh yes - 23 September, Aandklas, Stellenbosch. CC Project will be there with The Narrow!
Otherwise follow my Facebook or Instagram for updates.

10. Besides music, what are your other artistic talents?

Yoh. Um. It’s really only music at this point of my life. I hope that’s okay! Haha. I don’t feel like I have
enough time to explore that, you know, we’re always hearing about how “oh, but life is so short” and
warra-warra. Ever since I realized how accessible a career in music was to me, I never cared much to
look into hobbies or sports or whatever and I lost a lot of friends that way but its fine. I’m focused. The
sooner I can make this happen the right way, the more time I’ll have to enjoy it.

 What does the music future hold for Mvula Drae?

You know, I just want to be able to reach out to people who might be going through some of the same
things I’ve gone through. And 20 years from now I’d like to be a respected figure in Hip Hop. A house
hold name. I think I’ll know I’ve made it once I hear a real Grandmaster tell me that I’m dope and “pass
me the torch.” Grandmaster Ready D has said some really really inspiring words about my music already
so I must be on the right track.