1. When did you first start rapping? About 8years ago I hit the stage for the first time alongside Ready D and the Beat Bangers and I’ve been keeping the stage lit ever since.

2. Was becoming a musician something you always wanted to do? No it was never a thought to do it professionally or for a living I’m just so lucky that now I have the opportunity to do so

3. Where do you get your inspiration from? Personal experience and touching music compositions

4. What was the biggest gig you have ever done? MC at Shimmy Beach Club with AKA and Dales.

5.Have you travelled outside Cape Town or even the country for your music yet? Yes I host and coordinate events and my company Oranay Innovations took it’s concept to Johannesburg Hard Rock Cafe and Phoenix Arizona in the United States 5February 2017 called New Music Preview  @nmspreview

6. Apart from music, any other talents you have? I’m an entrepreneur and Venture Catalyst by nature I have my fingers in many pots and dabble in many things hence the name Miss Celaneous ,business is one of my great passions.

7. What is something that people would find surprising about you? I don’t care about being famous, I’d like to continue into my business ventures and live a quiet life with my family while recording music now and then. Music is for my souls enjoyment.

8. What advice would you give someone that is just starting out in music? Do it for the right reasons and enjoy it, don’t succumb to the pressures of the industry, educate yourself about the business side and stay true to your values.

Some fun filled questions:

1. If music were an alcohol beverage, which would you be? A glass of white wine 14%alcohol at least. My favourite! It gets you there nicely

2. Vinyl or CD’s? Vinyl I’m an 80s baby. CDs skip after you play them to many times that’s annoying.

3. Coffee or tea? Filter Coffee with hot milk and 3 sugars please. But then again nothing beats a nice vintage pot of tea in those beautiful vintage cups.

4. If you could do, a collaboration with any other musician dead or alive, local or international, who would it be? Kiki Rowe Canadian Singer, Coldplay, Dales.

5. New York or Paris? I’ve been to Paris it’s beautiful, but I found the people inaccessible, those grimy non-stop New York streets is just so inspiring. Gimme the big Apple any day!

What’s next for Miss Celaneous?

I’m recording a few collaborations this month and releasing 3 New tracks, 1 with YoungstaCPT which I’m especially excited about I’m mostly busy coordinating activations for companies like Prasa, Cell C, Vodacom and EyeCV through my company.