1. When did you start out? Was it a passion from a young age or just something you wanted to try out and see where it goes?

I have always been interested in performance. In high school I performed in school plays, taught myself the guitar and wrote poetry. As I grew older, I experimented with drag performance, starting the first documented drag king troupe in South Africa. I then taught myself music production and three years later I released my first EP.

2. Do you write your own lyrics for your music?

Yes, most definitely.

3. Where do you get your inspiration for your music?

I am inspired by my environment and by my lived experiences.

4. Have you performed with any top local or even international artist yet? If so, who?

I have performed with many artists I respect. I don’t place any artist’s value above another. I have however performed at great local and international festivals, such is Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Festival Les Escales (In France), Streiber Herbst (In Austria) and many other wonderful events around the world.

5.  Have you performed anywhere else in the world besides SA?

Yes, I have performed many times in the US and in Europe.

6. What was the highlight moment for Dope Saint Jude so far in her career?

I enjoyed mentoring students from different countries around the world at the RoundHouse in London. It was a wonderful experience, being able to share with other artists.

7.  Is it harder as a female artist and person of colour to get ahead in this industry? Or is it just about working hard for what you want?

It can be tough, but ultimately, I believe in the power of hard work and   consistency.

8. Have you ever been discriminated against or find that maybe some people don’t want to work with you because you are a woman?

I haven’t had that kind of experience, although I have experienced some mild sexism. It is not specific to the music industry, I think it is something women experience in general.

9. We know that the industry still lacks many female artists not just locally, but worldwide. How do you work your way through it being in a mostly male domineering industry?

It is important to know one’s value. This is a good basis to work from. Once you have that mastered, dealing with discrimination becomes less of a challenge and you are able to focus on the tasks ahead.

10.What advice would you give other female artist that wants a crack at it?

Work hard, be consistent and know your value.

11.What’s next for Dope Saint Jude?

I am working on a new audio-visual content. I am also headed to Austria to perform at a festival next week.