From Mitchell's Plain, Beeza Cpt is no new comer to the rap industry. With hits like 'Hallo''Zombie' putting everyone up in the zone, he - along with fellow collaborators - are definitely making a scene and are here to stay.

Read his journey on how it all started out, what inspires him and where it's headed.

Who is Beeza Cpt?

U got me there...will let you know when I know! What I can confirm is that I’m a rapper, deep thinker and an introvert by nature. I smashed the genres of rock and hip hop together to birth my style and I'm on a mission to make the best shit. Even though "best" is subjective. So...ja...(awkward silence)

When did you first start rapping?

I started in 2007 while I was studying for a job I hate.

Was rapping always something you wanted to do?

I actually wanted to be in a metal rock band initially. Then I wanted to be a DJ, then a band again. It only ever crossed my mind in 2007. Once I decided, it was only ever going to be that.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your music?

Generally I’m "inspired" by pressure to do something unique and to put stuff out. I am however motivated by my own struggle; the struggle of my family and I want to become someone that they can be proud of and someone that changed lives for the better. That inspires me to make the music. The content though is always off the cuff and in the moment type of thing.

Have you ever performed with other local or international artists?

Local. Yep. Shared the stage though...not "with".

What was your biggest highlight of your rapping career thus far?

There's been a quite a few but both my video launches hands down, exceeded my expectations. Oh...and being asked to feature in this magazine :)

Do you think your environment has had an impact on your career choice or what you would now call your passion?

Yes, definitely, growing up we were poor, I was isolated, never really fit in anywhere, still don’t...that’s how making music became a pass time. Then it became a thing of like...I was relatively competent and it's fun...to...shit I can actually do this...to...this could be the only way out of this kak cycle of life that I’ve seen over and over again. Basically, the average coloured person today.

Do you think racial segregation still has a major impact in our country, especially the negative portrayal of Coloured people in the media?

It does, but whatever people portray us as in the media is what we put out there. Literally. We put. That shit. Out there. It's not a general statement, but when it comes to hip hop, yes, that's what most of us do. I wouldn't even call it racial segregation. It's a class segregation. If you had enough money and a fitting demeanour you could be part of any community. Look at our own community, we find ways to segregate ourselves even further. I feel like the answer to this question is a human thing and not a race thing.

Do you feel that you are an inspiration to Coloured people through what you are doing? Do you think your art has given Coloured people, especially the young ones the confidence to believe in themselves and go out to get what they want?

Yes, I do. I think that kids, particularly in the community has seen what someone that is like them can achieve.

Besides rapping, what are your other talents?

I'm really good at watching Netflix. Oh, and I do produce a bit...like every other millennial with a computer.

What’s next for Beeza Cpt?

More self-discovery and defining myself.

On a side note, there's a body of work coming soon, don’t know if it's going to be an EP or a mixtape, depends how many tracks make it on there. The plan now is to make this a full-time thing...take this show on the road. I know it won't be easy but it sure will be interesting.

Check out 'Zombie': Beeza ft. Keelo

Photography credit goes to: Jade Daries & Alfonzo Franke