Anthony Somebody Also Known As Anthony Quinn Coleman Jr. is a self developed DJ/producer and is part of the group/label Quite Hype. Already being on morning radio shows such as Sway in The Morning, touring alongside 21 Savage this New Jersey born has a lot to offer and needs to be on your radar. Anthony answered some questions for us. Read it below

1. Who is Anthony Somebody?

Anthony Somebody is Anthony Quinn Coleman Jr. Son of Anthony Coleman Sr. and Phyllis Riley Coleman. Born a In New Jersey Raised In Willingboro, Developed in Philadelphia, PA


2. When did you first start hitting the decks?

I started Djing two and half years ago. I started Djing because I felt their was a void of DJ’s playing new music instead of hits people were already accustomed too.


3. Was being in music always a journey you wanted to go on?

It was always a goal of mine to be involved with music, but I actually wanted to manage a label and put out other artist projects through my label. I never thought I would be the artist putting out an ep or be the main talent. I always feel like it’s a blessing to just be given the gift to play music for others and they gravitate to your craft.


4. When and how did Quite Hype start?

I started Quite Hype After Nicky J and I came up with the name on the couch of Yinka Soda’s house. The group or label originally started as an umbrella company that would be house for all our creative endeavors. The brand eventually went from just throwing block parties and underground warehouse parties to eventually my partner in the label Joe Pitts deciding to use the brand to be foundation of my DJ career.


5.Why the name Quite Hype? How did you come about it?

The Name Quite Hype was originally made because it means to be little but hype. Nicky J and I were brainstorming and it came together. We wanted it to be unique and it also work because for copyright reasons no one has ever used the name before.


6. The music you play out there all your own original tracks? Do you write/produce your own songs?

I try to mix hip-hop and house records together a lot to create unique blends, but I have recently got into producing my own music  because I wanted a funk sound that could not be replicated and reproduced, but I will give away one secret; I always say try to be experimental as possible and don’t copy others because when you’re a unique sound or brand it’s hard to replicate something that doesn’t have influence or sound similar to something else.


7. What was/is the biggest highlight of your career you’ve had so far?

 I think the biggest highlights of my career so far was playing at Sway in The Morning, going on tour with 21 Savage, getting announced on the Bill for Roots picnic, and just saying I get to love God everyday.


8. Besides The USA, have you performed anywhere else in the world? If yes, where?

I have not yet performed outside of the US. I am definitely working this year on going outside of the States especially to London.


9. Any major US artist you have performed with already or would like to someday?

This year I’m excited to see Chance The Rapper perform at Firefly Festival, but believe it or not I think as DJ I always get excited to just to see any artist express themselves on stage.


10. Tell us something about Anthony that people will be surprised or shocked to know.

I was a 2x All American in track and field and I attended the University of South Carolina and ran track for a short time before dropping out and pursuing a career in the creative market.


11. What’s next for Anthony Somebody (Quite Hype)

The next thing for Anthony Somebody is releasing my first solo ep and working on building my skills as a DJ.

Photography: Myah Jones

Clothing Brand: Cult Classic

Jewellery: Azia Handcrafted

Location: Brooklyn, New York